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Honras por minutos

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Honras por minutos (12/5/15)

Suzy Matusiewicz sits beside the flowers covering the grave of an abandoned newborn baby boy during a burial service at All Saints Cemetery in Des Plaines, Illinois, United States, June 19, 2015. Roses are laid on the grave stones of some of the other babies buried at the cemetery by "Rest in His Arms". More than a year after a baby boy was found dead in a plastic shopping bag on a Chicago sidewalk, he was laid to rest in a tiny white casket covered with blue and white flowers. Rest in His Arms, an Illinois charity set up 10 years ago, has provided funerals for 25 children, mostly infants, abandoned or otherwise victims of crimes. Susan Walker, 46, started the group after a dead baby was discovered at a recycling plant in the northern suburbs. His parents were never found. Some 150 strangers turned up to the first funeral. If a baby is nameless, volunteers provide one - the boy at the Chicago service, whose teenage mother has been charged with murder, was Angel Antonio. Often neighbours come to pay their respects to the infant, as do first responders - at times, entire police departments attend the final farewell to an unknown child. REUTERS/Jim Young   TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY PICTURE 23 OF 27 FOR WIDER IMAGE STORY "REST IN HIS ARMS". SEARCH "NAMELESS YOUNG" FOR ALL IMAGES       TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY           TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY


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